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Fall Induction 9/13-15/2024

Welcome to the  Induction information page.  We hope we will be providing you enough information that as a Candidate you will be well prepared to join us in service. Please eat dinner before arriving.  Check -in begins at 6PM on Friday and please plan to be checked in by 8pm. The Induction ceremony will begin shortly after that time.  

Keep track of the current weather report. Please be prepared for moist ground following rains. 


The location of the 2024 Summer Induction Weekend is the Camp Chawanakee, 43485 Dinkey Creek Rd, Shaver Lake, CA 


What to Bring

 Personal Gear 

  • Medical form parts A & B (copy)

  • Ground cover (Tarp large enough to protect the camper from dew, mud, and cover the ground under the sleeping bag.

  • Work gloves

  • Water Bottle (refillable)

  • Knife sharpened and suitable for carving pine

  • Sleeping Bag

  • Mat or ground pad

  • Flashlight

  • Cap/hat(Baseball cap, Beanie etc.)

  • Personal medical kit

  • Tent (can be shared on Saturday night with like age participant)


Arrive for check-in dressed in your Field Uniform (Class A).

The items listed above are things that you will need for the Ordeal. You also need to bring your normal camping gear which you normally bring each trip. (Clothes suitable for working outdoors, personal gear, medications, etc.)


Additional Equipment – bring if you have it


  • 5 gal. bucket - for carrying equipment, picking up trash, and seating as needed. A very versatile piece of equipment.

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